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All people are divided into two categories – those who read and those who listen to them. Which one you consider yourself? From our point of view, it is preferable to be in the first category. After all, reading people have a level of intelligence much above the average. Which means they're more successful and wealthy. Reading people occupy high positions, skillfully negotiate, respected in society. Is high cost of reading books, isn't it? Reading books shape the person's personality. Society dictates the rules of conduct. See how radically different people in different countries. This applies to appearance, and Outlook. This is because the majority lives according to General established rules. Reading man boldly goes beyond those rules and shows their individuality. Cinematography is now working at the highest level. Filmed everything from classics to pulp novels. A good option to become acquainted with literature for the lazy. But anyone who has read the book, and after seeing filmed a film on it, will tell you that the book is much more interesting. Because none of the most outstanding effects are not able to realize what draws the human imagination.

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